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Junior researcher to the Laboratory of preparation of nanostructured materials of the Institute of Environmental Technology, VŠB-TUO

Director of the Institute of Environmental Technology, VŠB - Technical University of Ostrava, announces the selection procedure for the post of Junior researcher of the Laboratory of preparation of nanostructured materials.

Description of the Laboratory
The research in the Laboratory of preparation of nanostructured materials is focused on the preparation of transition metal oxides, carbon-based nanomaterials and composites, including characterization of their textural and micro/structural properties. Developed materials are investigated in photocatalysis, catalysis and sorption.

Job description:
  • Preparation of nanostructured materials (powders, thin films) by using various chemical routes and post-treatment methods (e.g. calcination, supercritical or pressurized fluids crystalization),
  • Photocatalytic testing (in liquid phase model azo-dyes photo-oxidation etc.),
  • Catalytic testing (in gas phase VOCs/CVOCs oxidation etc.),
  • Sorption tests (in gas phase VOCs sorption, in liquid phase pharmaceuticals sorption etc.),
  • Characterization by physisortion of inert gases, UV-vis spectrometry, and other complementary investigation techniques (XRD, NH3-TPD, H2-TPR, photoluminiscence, DRS UV-vis, Kelvin probe, supercritical CO2 drying etc.),
  • Evaluation and treatment of experimental data in MS Excel and Origin,
  • Work with literature sources and publication of results in IF journals,
  • Presentation of results at national and international conferences and workshops,
  • Tutoring of bachelor and master students in laboratory.
We require:
  • Ph.D. degree in chemical sciences (Organic Technology, Material Engineering, Inorganic Chemistry, Inorganic Technology, Chemical or Environmental Engineering with focus on heterogeneous catalysis, Physical Chemistry),active publishing in IF journals,
  • laboratory practice,
  • a good knowledge of English (understanding specialized texts, communication with foreign co-workers)
  • being able to work individually and conscientiously to complete the team work,
  • being ready to learn new things.
What is welcome:
  • creativity,
  • software knowledge (e.g. with Mstruct, Fullprof, Matlab etc.).

We offer:

  • work in modern laboratories, focused on research in environmental engineering and material designing, energetic utilization of wastes and treatment of waste gas and wastewaters,
  • cooperation with foreign university partners /research fellowships in abroad,
  • participation in basic research projects,
  • cooperation with industrial companies as part of research projects,
  • further education possibilities; participation in international/national scientific conferences and workshops,
  • salary corresponding to the position,
  • work and communication with students,
  • benefits (6 weeks-paid vacation, allowance for pension insurance, flexible working hours, different courses and workshops, lunches),
  • working in a young team.
Job type:
  • full-time job,
  • time-limited contract.

Successful candidate may start the job from 9/2020 or at a time agreed with the employer.

Application needs to include a motivation letter and CV. Please, mail it to, the subject of your email should be "Application: LabNano Researcher".