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Cooperation with non-European research institutions 

National Taiwan University in Taipei, Taiwan – Laboratory of catalysis and reactor engineering                                                                           

Contacts:  Prof. Jeffry C.S. Wu (cswu@ntu.edu.tw)
The field of cooperation: preparation and characterization of the nanofiber photocatalysts
Project: CSF No. 14-35327J “Photocatalytic reduction of CO2

Deen Bandhu Chhotu Ram University of Science and Technology (India)

Contact: Alloy Palit (aloy920@gmail.com)
The field of cooperation: pyrolysis of wood

Chiang Mai University, Thailand - Faculty of Engineering, Civil Engineering Department (Thailand)

Contacts: Dr. Thiengburanathum Poon (poon@eng.cmu.ac.th)
The field of cooperation: the management of biowaste in Thailand

University of Adelaide, Australia - Microalgal Engineering Research Group

Contacts: Prof. David Lewis (david.lewis@muradel.com.au)
The field of cooperation: energy and material recovery, semi-continuous mesophilic anaerobic digestion of biowaste

Assiut University , Egypt - Faculty of Science

Contacts: Prof. Bahaa Abu-Zied (babuzied@yahoo.com)
The field of cooperation: research of cobalt based catalysts for N2O catalytic decomposition

Jiangsu university, China

Contacts: Ass. Prof. Pengwei Huo, Ph.D.(huopw@mail.ujs.edu.cn)
The field of cooperation: photocatalytic reduction of CO2

National University in Littoral, Argentina – Institute of Technological Development for the Chemical Industry (INTEC)

Contacts: Dr. M. Ballari (ballari@santafe-conicet.gov.ar)
The field of cooperation: modelling and design of photoreactors

National University in Tumbes, Peru – Department of Forestry Engineering and Environmental Management, Environmental Analysis Laboratory

Contacts: Dr. Gerardo Cruz Cerro (gjcruzc@gmail.com)
The field of cooperation: the preparation of sorbents based on activated carbon from waste biomaterials

National Engineering University in Lima, Lima, Peru – Faculty of Science, Laboratory of functional materials

Contacts: Prof. José Luis Solis Veliz (dina@concytec.gob.pe)
  Dr. Monica Marcela Gomez Leon (mgomez@uni.edu.pe)
The field of cooperation: preparation and characterization of TiO2 based photocatalysts

Ariel University, Israel - Department of Chemical Sciences

Contact: Haya Kornweitz, Ph.D. (hayak@ariel.ac.il)
The field of cooperation: research of N2O catalytic decomposition mechanism, DFT

Nagoya Institute of Technology, Japan - Department of Life Science and Applied Chemistry

Contact: Prof. Masaaki Haneda, (haneda.masaaki@nitech.ac.jp)
The field of cooperation: research of catalytic decomposition of NO

Griffith University of Brisbane, Australia - Griffith School of Engineering

Contact: Prof. Qin Li (qin.li@griffith.edu.au)
The field of cooperation: research of photocatalytic degradation of ammonia