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Waste incineration in a pilot scale including complex analysis of flue gases

Combustion tests, assessments of waste combustibility, complex analysis of processed waste.

Assessment of emission load in waste incineration, the energy balance of the combustion process.

Pyrolysis up to pilot scale including complex analysis of pyrolysis products

Material and energy balance, optimization of pyrolysis process (torrefication, slow and fast pyrolysis, microwave and catalytic pyrolysis) in terms of utilization of individual output products, consulting in the scale-up.

Complex analysis of processed waste and gaseous, liquids and solid pyrolysis products

Anaerobic digestion and process development up to a pilot scale

Preparation of raw materials (crushing, hydrolysis, acidification).

Physical modelling of anaerobic (co)digestion and adaptation of process conditions (loading, retention time, mixing), evaluation of the impact of additives (trace elements, buffers, enzymes, microorganisms).

Complex analysis of biowaste, digestate and biogas.

Catalytic and photocatalytic gas cleaning - catalysts preparation and testing

Preparation of mixed oxides, semiconductors and active coal sorbents tailored for air protection.

Testing of laboratory and commercially prepared catalysts (powder, tablets, monoliths, foams) for SCR NOx, N2O decomposition, VOC oxidation, NH3 oxidation, CO oxidation to determine activity, selectivity and stability/deactivation.

Determination of the adsorption capacity of a wide range of gases and vapors.

Testing of the photocatalysts (powder, thin films) for CO2 photocatalytic reduction, N2O, NOxand NH3degradation, fast screening using photocurrent with Kelvin probe.

Simulation/design of chemical reactors, consulting in the scale-up, chemical engineering calculations.

Analytical services

Determination of thermochemical parameters (moisture, volatile matter, fixed carbon and ash contents, elemental composition, total calorific value).

Comprehensive characterization of materials for catalysis, photocatalysis and adsorption (chemical and phase composition, texture, redox, acido-basic and electron properties).

Material tests of refractory materials and utilization of slag and ash.

Pre-analytic sample and waste handling/preparations.

Analysis of gases (process gas, emissions, imissions), waste waters and liquids.

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